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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


     I'm pretty sure almost every dude (and maybe some chicks) had the thought of being a fucking pirate and it being bad ass. I mean common whats better then living on a boat with a bunch of dudes, no running water so no toilet or shower, we're also in the 16th century so that means no cell phones, no internet, and lets hope your still alive after you risked your life boarding ships and killing people with swords and blasting someone wide open with a cannon just to steal their shit. Imagine, pirates had a 40lb cannon ball that they would fire into someone and they didn't stop there with the cannon stuff. Pirates even started using mortars which fired out 200lb cannon balls which were mostly used on ships. (protip: stand out of the way of that thing)  There has also been this debate between pirates and ninjas, come to find out that pirates even used something called boarding hooks. (a.k.a grappling hooks) Not so bad ass are we ninjas?

     Common though its all worth it in the end, its all about the riches right? Think about it you board another ship kill everyone on the damn ship and steal all their things maybe even find a treasure map and treasure hunt who know. You know pirate life probably isn't that bad. It's like a big club for guys and it's actually against the pirate rules for females to join, so what they would do is they would dress in men's clothing to get away with it. (I guess pirates couldn't be in a breast judging competition) Not to mention pirates lived good, sense almost every pirate ship had modified ships to hold more cannons and larger crew than merchant ships it was easy to steal chests of gold, silver and jewels. Coins were especially popular because pirate crews could share them out easily. Emeralds and pearls were the most common jewels that were mined in America and provided rich plunder. However, pirates did not only seize precious cargoes like these. They also wanted things they could use, such as food, barrels of wine and brandy, weapons, sails, anchors and other spare equipment for their ship, and essential tools such as those belonging to the ship's carpenter and surgeon.

     All this pirate talk started at my friends apartment when she put in that new peter pan movie (which was so sexually subjective to little kids. watch it for the lulz) I had been wondering what to "blog" about then that's when the secret to blogging came to my mind. (which I will share with you all at the end of this) The scene in movie when this came to me was when Captain James Hook put his hook on like a bad ass and then out of no where I bursted out with "THATS ITS!!" and that's when my friends look at with the wtf face and waiting for an explation on why i intrupted the stupid childrens movie. I told them I was going write about the pirate hook and what it was used for but in my search of information is seems like eveything about pirate hooks is fictional. When you search things like "history of the pirate hook" you get stuff about peter pan and captain hook, such fail! There's not even information on what you could use a hook for. So I just wrote about pirates instead and this brings me to the secret of blogging. Next blog you write take that time to learn something new and share your newly found information with others. That way you can gain some random knowledge and have something intresting to write about. I'll just leave this here with you, this pirate song I hope you enjoy and start singing it to all your friends. See you to Davy Jones scallywags.

The Pirate Song
To the mast nail our flag it is dark as the grave,
Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o'er the wave;
Let our deck clear for action, our guns be prepared;
Be the boarding-axe sharpened, the scimetar bared:
Set the canisters ready, and then bring to me,
For the last of my duties, the powder-room key.
It shall never be lowered, the black flag we bear;
If the sea be denied us, we sweep through the air.
Unshared have we left our last victory's prey;
It is mine to divide it, and yours to obey:
There are shawls that might suit a sultana's white neck,
And pearls that are fair as the arms they will deck.

There are flasks which, unseal them, the air will disclose
Diametta's fair summers, the home of the rose.
I claim not a portion: I ask but as mine
'Tis to drink to our victory - one cup of red wine.
Some fight, 'tis for riches - some fight, 'tis for fame:
The first I despise, and the last is a name.

I fight, 'tis for vengeance! I love to see flow,
At the stroke of my sabre, the life of my foe.
I strike for the memory of long-vanished years;
I only shed blood where another shed tears,
I come, as the lightning comes red from above,
O'er the race that I loathe, to the battle I love.

Monday, September 27, 2010


     Well I haven't been sleeping quite well lately and i think its insomnia. Actually for a quite awhile and sense everyone seems to be self diagnosing themselves thanks to webMD (the internets doctor) lately I thought Id jump on. Insomnia is simply a positive response to either of two questions: "Do you experience difficulty sleeping?" or "Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?" So if you said yes to any of that we can safely say you have insomnia. (im no doctor, so dont take my words like they are)

     Sense we answered yes, lets take a look and see what level were at. You can put insomnia into three different boxes there's transient which lasts for less than a week. There's acute which is the inability to consistently sleep well for a period of less than a month. Then there's chronic insomnia which is what I seem to have and that's characterized by that it lasts for longer than a month.

     Now in plain old insomnia it can be caused by another disorder, or it can be a primary disorder. It can be a change in the sleep environment, or even be the timing of sleep, severe depression can occure, or even some feelings of stress. Its consequences - sleepiness and impaired psychomotor performance - are similar to those of sleep deprivation. Now getting into chronic insomnia we can see many of the things just listed above but its effects can vary according to its causes. They might include muscular fatigue (dont have that yet), hallucinations(haha not that crazy), and/or mental fatigue(yeah thats the one); but people with chronic insomnia often show increased alertness(and that). Some people that live with this disorder see things as if they are happening in slow motion(wtf that'd be cool), wherein moving objects seem to blend together(thats cool too). Can cause double vision (fuck no).

   This video is exactly how I feel.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

babys of the future

lol so i click the next blog button to scroll through blogs which is really a random button, and i see that there are a lot of blog about peoples kids. WTF? i really feel sorry for those kids, their going to grow up and later in life mommies going to say "look honey ive got a blog dedicated to you so the whole world can see you"

ahahaha i feel bad is all. poor kids.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Begining

id like start by thanking the robots from the internet for this super sexy and sensual name of a blog i have here. do you ever wonder about who you hang out with and why? i have and ive come to this. we have good and bad friends, young and old, or even friends on the internet with or without a picture. ive had friends that take my things (i.e dvds, games, books, magazines, cards, you name it) without asking, friends that lie, cheat, and steal but i cant forget about the friends that have loaned me money and told me not to worry about it, friends that have left me at there house alone while they go pick up their girlfriend, id say that those people trust me. so heres my question to you, why do we really hang out with the people we do? are you apart of the group that borrows my movies without asking and trys returning them a week later like i dont know or would you be the one bailing my ass out of jail and saying "na man dont worry about the money i know you would do the same for me."
personally in my oppinion you dont find many good people here on earth, its like the finding a needle in a fucking hay stack. keep the ones that are good and keep weeding out the rest is what i say. i mean do we feel comfortable with the people were around even if they are a piece of shit or not i donno friends and shit have been hard to understand. ugh my brain is full of fuck on this one. maybe you know better then i do about it.

it all takes is time.