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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Begining

id like start by thanking the robots from the internet for this super sexy and sensual name of a blog i have here. do you ever wonder about who you hang out with and why? i have and ive come to this. we have good and bad friends, young and old, or even friends on the internet with or without a picture. ive had friends that take my things (i.e dvds, games, books, magazines, cards, you name it) without asking, friends that lie, cheat, and steal but i cant forget about the friends that have loaned me money and told me not to worry about it, friends that have left me at there house alone while they go pick up their girlfriend, id say that those people trust me. so heres my question to you, why do we really hang out with the people we do? are you apart of the group that borrows my movies without asking and trys returning them a week later like i dont know or would you be the one bailing my ass out of jail and saying "na man dont worry about the money i know you would do the same for me."
personally in my oppinion you dont find many good people here on earth, its like the finding a needle in a fucking hay stack. keep the ones that are good and keep weeding out the rest is what i say. i mean do we feel comfortable with the people were around even if they are a piece of shit or not i donno friends and shit have been hard to understand. ugh my brain is full of fuck on this one. maybe you know better then i do about it.

it all takes is time.


  1. I think that people hang out with friends with similar personalities and If your good enough friends with someone they aren't going to steal or lie.

    I do think you should work on your grammar and spelling, no offense it just makes it hard to read.

  2. I'm just friendly to everyone and end up picking the ones I trust and like best, drifting away from those who are bad influences.