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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'd have sex with that thing

I've never paid much attention to all the technology that keeps flying by now a days and with all the new smart phones coming out every which way I almost feel like if you don't stay up to date with technology you will be left far behind. Just like when I tried teaching my mom about texting which was rigorous in its own sense. Now with that said it leads me into my next blog post, I have the worst luck when it comes to keeping myself protected from getting a computer virus that is, until I heard about apple. Word has it that the there are thousands of viruses terrorizing the windows operating system while only 50 haunt the mac. So thats when I broke down and decided to switch to apple and now my battle station is just a mouse, keyboard and monitor (NO TOWER OMGWTF). The sales guy took forever to get back to me and like any good store they have the top of the line equipment presented for you to try and thats when i got my first real taste of the ipad, not just some looking at it on TV or hearing about it on the interwebz but a good 20-30mins of just staring bull shit. In that time I found out that this over sized itouch was just, not meant for me so I took my imac home and fell in love, now its okay to switch from windows to mac or from mac to windows, just don't tell anyone that the ipad is not meant for you. As said best by one of my friends "You must be gay sense you don't like the ipad, I'd have sex with the damn thing because I'm pretty sure it has a vibrating app." so my manhood was challenged and I've spent the time in between this blog and the pirate one reading and playing with the ipad to see if she is right and that the ipad is so awesome and that if I'm gay for it.

     Lets start with the design, might I say that the ipad is one sexy itouch i think they up graded the iphone or whatever and gave the ipad the old iphone 3 look. Granted you might get made fun of by a non ipad lover for that exact joke but hey if you're that weird kid at school and everyone talks about how weird you are, you must be popular right? Other then the large resemblance of the itouch the 9.7in LED backlit screen with a 1024 by 768 pxl resolution at 132 ppi gives the ipad an amazing look not to mention its much lighter then your average notebook but on the downside at the apple store you can see all the finger marks on it as if the greesie fat kids came in after munchin down on cheetos to play with the ipads aren't they suppose to have some fingerprint resistant coating plus I'd really hate to drop the damn thing not to mention the speaker for the ipad are not meant for party settings their more of a at home speaker and I've never been a fan of the new style of texting on a smart phone but when it comes to the ipad that has the same kinda texting (or as some say "virtual keyboard") setup and thats what kept me using it at frys especially sense it had safari and I knew the imac came with it so I thought I'd try it, I'm personally a firefox user but still kinda float in between now on the imac, I'm not sure if people fully understand the differences in browsers I can only speak for myself I have different add ons I use. I don't I guess i like to keep one browser looking clean and one full of ad ons, but just like any other browser the one on the ipad has a place for you to put in a url and all the other standard features of a awesome browser. Lets not forget about the crazy tab feature, you click this picture of a square on top of a square and it brings you to this black page with little squares of other places for you surf the web and it saves the last page you were on, you can even add and delete squares!!

     During my 30 min of wrist breaking use of the ipad (I'm sure if I had purchased one I could find a comfortable way of using it) the sales man kindly informed me if I liked to read that I had an amazing product in my hand and that I could actually buy books from the app store, so i guess you readingfags can enjoy this $500-$900 product (that is after tax). Lets disregard paying for one, think if you had one for free man I would totally have to go with what my friend said. The ipads youtube interface is amazing grated it was a little confusing at first but really easy to get the hang of, i mean it had all the top videos in one spot and right above the top videos was a search bar for you to search for your video I know I could push the alleged 10 hour batterie life watching toob videos all day but I couldn't sit in the apple store for 10 hours just testing the batterie life (especially when all the ipads are plugged into chargers) yet I did have enough time to play with the apps which were yes entertaining but personally I'd get tired of the games and I'd start to feel like i was playing all the same game. Nothing compared to something that I could run on my imac but that's because the ipad currently doesn't use adobe only for the fact that adobe crashes mobile devices but there will be an update sooner or later and all it will be is just a usb plugin and you've got flash. Another downside is that the ipad doesn't have a camera it has this great photo system, way better then the iphoto program found on the imac but no camera, they also have all this editing software that can be downloaded but the apple guys said that there will be adobe and a camera but has no word on when that will happen the mac guys don't even know. thanks steve jobs. Here is the price once again from the apple store

Wi-Fi   16Gb                    32Gb                  64Gb
            $499                    $599                   $699

Wi-Fi+3G  16Gb              32Gb                 64Gb
                  $629              $729                  $829

     I hope you wait to for the flash update and the camera to be installed if you even decided to spend the money because the price is not worth it. $500 dollars for something that cant take pictures and it be the bare minimum isn't pleasant maybe in the future I'll be sporting an ipad and maybe by then it wont look like the retired iphone 3 look. (lol or maybe the iphone 4 will get a new look and they will give that old look to the ipad) For adding something new to the line of things apples sells besides its only 3 items the sell which are phones, mp3 player, PCs, and a tablet. Not bad apple but im sorry my friend, the ipad still isn't ment for me and btw I'm still pretty straight so do you want to get some lunch?


  1. Lost all interest after the unlimited data

  2. rediculous prices, kinda funky - but gimicky!

  3. you've got some good insight in this post :)

  4. Would only get one if it was for free ^^

  5. that's a unique perspective on it!

  6. I've used an iPad before and I really don't like it at all. If you want to watch a movie, you have to prop it up against something. A laptop can just be left alone. Also, the typing can get quite irritating when you keep pressing wrong buttons.

    I'm sorta like you. Yeah it may be cool to have one, but $500? No thanks. And no, I'm not going out for lunch with you LOL

  7. Never buying that thing.

    Not worth it for what I do. Not worth it for what it does.

  8. I really REALLY dislike apple, but I have to admit the ipad and iphone look really great. I might have to stop my personal boycott and get them some day :(

  9. HP TC 1100 - Made in 2003
    1 to 1.2ghz CPU (equal or superior to Ipad)
    40 to 60gb HDD (superior to Ipad)
    10.4" screen (superior to Ipad)
    Stereo sound (Ipad has mono)
    SD card slot (None for Ipad)
    PC Card slot (None for Ipad)
    Video Output, VGA (none for ipad)
    Headphone jack (none for ipad)

    Yeah, FUCK YOU APPLE. It does this for EVERYTHING. Sells shitty plastic cased pretty products that are overpriced and babied down for old people and retards who want to feel superior.

  10. I honestly don't know why anyone is buying these things, I mean, who doesn't already own a computer, and if you have a computer, what's the point?

  11. Thanks for the comments on my last blog post!